Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to the pack!

When Moonsong Cedar River Touchdown produced a beautiful litter for Brownstone Chinooks, we took Kaltag- aka Brownstone Itidarod Trail Song as our puppy back. He is a handsome young boy and a real heartbreaker. He flashes his big brown eyes and has a very winning personality. I am leaning towards placing him in a local show/breeding home but for now he is staying with the Moonsong pack and having a great time!

Kaltag/ Kole explores the den built in the backyard
Kole thinks big as he tries to chase the Saluki around the field
Jiggles checks out the new guy
Kole is too little to drink out of the big dog water bowl unless he stands on tippy toes
Handsome boyAll this play is tiring
He is recharged and ready for more play. During my luch at work, the youngsters can run around in the trainer's office. Here Kole tries to get Honey and Cornelia to play
Sleeping puppies are so cute
Kaltag bonded with Honey right away. They are always together- especially when sleeping
Two weeks go by and look at how much bigger Kole is compared to Honey! He is growing very quickly.